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Culinary Journey into the World of Korean Flavors

Discover Korealistic's Finest: Immerse yourself in the diverse flavors of Korean cuisine, ranging from grilled specialties to savory stews. Embark on a delightful flavor journey and order now to savor the essence of Korea from the comfort of your home!
Our menu

Healthy, simple, delicious. Our menu features authentic home style Korean cooking at its finest.  Join us on a journey that will showcase our love for food.

Our kitchen

In January 2015, we opened our doors and began our adventure. Our goal istomake the best Korean food in in Ohio.


"If you are a lover of Korean food, this place is for you."

- Ryan D.

About us

Our mission at Korealistic has always been clear: to craft the very best of Korean cuisine right here in Ohio. Situated at the corner of Tylersville and Cox, Korealistic has been dedicated to delivering consistent, top-notch Korean dishes to the countless hungry and curious patrons who walk through our doors.

At Korealistic, we believe in community engagement and cultural enrichment.  Our goal is to not only serve delightful meals but also to create a space where people can connect, learn, and celebrate the rich tapestry of Korean culture.

IMG_0189 (1).jpeg
The mark of a family run shop is good food, intimate setting often run by a friendly ahjumma/ahjussi along with an often unwilling child. Korealistic has all the above. When I first checked out this place, I was awed by the owner's hospitality and service with her really interacting with you and making sure that you are having a good time. We got the Korean bbq and she actually popped over to give up tips on how to best prepare it, counsel us on how to not waste food as well as generously offer refills of the side dishes and her signature bean paste.
I often review after checking out a place a few times and when I came back a few weeks back, I was shocked to hear of the owner's passing. Korealistic is now helmed by her daughter who has really stepped up to do a phenomenal job. The food tastes the same and the cozy, homey feel still present. Would recommend to anyone in the area?
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